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We’re part of Chameleon Associates.

Which is why we understand people and how to communicate with them.

Bill Kelly

He’s our main presentation nut.  One of those odd people who actually like doing presentations!  Around here we reckon he’s a frustrated actor.  Or just an exhibitionist...

Actually, he’s none of those.  He just gets frustrated by the number of poor presentations he sees.

He spent many years (he won’t say how many...) in all sorts of sales and marketing jobs. Delivering presentations was always a big part of the job.

Bill is something of a smarty-pants when it comes to Powerpoint, or other presentation software for that matter.

So we decided to put him up for sale, so to speak, and share his knowledge and experience with the world.

Well, with anyone who comes on our workshops...we need to pay the bills, after all!

The Team

We have a team of people involved in developing and delivering our workshops.

Chris Kelly is our people person. She makes sure we use the right language, images and colours to support really good delivery.

She’s our “performance” expert and works with people so they give the very best they can.

Mike creates amazing artwork and music and sorts out the technical stuff.  We feed him pizza and beer now and again.

We can also call on other people and specialist businesses we know and trust.