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Half Day Highlights

Full Day Skills Workshop

Two Day Advanced Workshop

Plan your presentations for relevant content

Create your material for the widest appeal

Deliver your presentation for maximum impact

There are three core themes that you will explore on all of our workshops.

You will discover how to:


This workshop covers the basics.  It starts with a look at common presentation mistakes and then goes on to show how a little thought and planning makes all the difference.  Delegates don’t have to get up and present, so it’s an ideal introduction for people who are nervous about presenting.  We’re a friendly bunch anyway!

We provide tea, coffee and nice biscuits and you get the workshop on CD to take away.  We don’t do paper!

The first part of the day covers the same topics as the half day, but in more detail.  After lunch (it’s included, by the way) we explore the planning, creation and delivery process of a typical company overview

Throughout the workshop we explain the use of presentation software, usually Powerpoint but we can include Keynote for the Mac community! There’s a detour into free software too, for those who like a bargain!

Plus tea, coffee and your CD to take home.

Per person - £99.00 Per person - £199.00 Per person - £299.00

Take all the stuff from the Full Day, add in the opportunity to deliver a presentation, get feedback and then have another go.  This workshop is for smaller groups (no more than 10), so there’s plenty of time for individual discussion and feedback.

We explore the entire presentation process in detail.  We take apart some of our presentations and show you how they were put together and how they work.

If you have several people to be trained, it might be more cost effective for us to run an in-house programme for you at a flat daily rate.  As a guide, if you have more than about 5 people, an in-house programme will generally cost less.

Contact us to discuss your needs - we’re very friendly!